• Why we need to verified banks email?

    Fake emails and scammers are making our inbox like a minefield. Over $ 7US billions dollars were stolen due to phishing emails.

    A simple solution is sender verification.

  • 1000 Banks Email Sender Verified

    Being safety to checking bank payment email


    We collect and analyze over 1000 banks email sender profiles and developed an AI algorithm to identify real bank emails. APBot AI analyze the email and a“Verified” Logo will be shown and thus help user to know the email is safe. ​

  • How Anti-phishing Bot to help user?

    We developed a tool that enable user to do verify email sender identify with one click. Just one click, the user is able to know if the email is SAFE, meaning from the genuine sender. ​​​

  • 3 NOs of APBot to check email header


    No software installations - instant deployment to millions


    Ease of Uses

    No training needed - event the vulnerable groups like children and elderly are able to use


    No privacy invasion only users header info


  • Contact Us for a demo

    In the main page sender information

    Outlook Version

    Gmail Version

  • Report Phishing with One Click

    Anti-Phishing Bot

    Integrate with Outlook, O365 and Gmail

    No need to install software

    Anti-Phishing Bot

    Help us to fight Phishing attacks

    Let us know your comment and feedback.


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