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  • Why choose the APBot?

    APBot protects every inbox and keeps data safe.

    No more guessing or risking you

    or your customers' data when opening emails.

  • 1. Verified logo

    With just one click, the APBot will identify the authenticity of the email and confirm this with a “Verified” icon.

  • 2. Know the sender

    APBot does the hard work for you by extensively searching and listing the email server info. You now know the truth about your senders.

  • 3. TeamGuards

    The young and the elderly are more vulnerable to tech scams. To protect them, we have created a Team Guard feature for users to share phishing info.

  • 4.Phishing Notice Board

    With updates from the past 48 hours, users can view the recent emails from senders that pose a threat to your data safety. If it’s a scam and from a dishonest sender, we’ll have it on our board for you to be alert early.

  • 5.AP Lens

    Take a look at the URL without disclosing your IP address or computer info. APBot can visit the website and allow you to capture a screenshot. Get the information you need, without fear.

  • Price List

  • Usage Based Pricing


    USD $300

    + Setup Fee $300 USD

    (First Time)

    2,000 emails

    Valid for 3 months




    USD $900

    + Setup Fee $300 USD

    (First Time)

    8,000 emails

    Valid for 6 months


    USD $1,800

    + Setup Fee $300 USD

    (First Time)

    18,000 emails

    Valid for 1 year

  • **1 Email credit = 1 Email user ask APBot to check

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  • Privacy By Default

    We never collect email content.

    Only by network trace and email routes

  • Anti-Phishing Bot

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